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Holistic TMJ Treatment

The Structural Balance Solution for
TMJ, Body Structural Pain & Optimum Health
Many of us, including children, suffer from this "Great Imposter" syndrome and symptoms every day.  Back pain, migraines, neck aches, facial pain, teeth and jaw pain (including lock jaw) and teeth clenching all hide the real issue.
It is part of a total body structural mal-alignment problem that the body compensates for with small adjustments in the neuromuscular system.

TMJ pain relief is available in San Diego! TMJ treatment will help relieve TMJ pain - the migraine headaches, ringing in the ears, back pain, and other TMJ symptoms. Dr. Charles Hulsey is an orthodontic TMJ specialist with two offices to analyze your symptoms.

His goal as a TMJ orthodontist is to rebuild the normal range of tolerance a patient should have so they can properly adapt to the insults life bring on their body.

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Dr. Charles M. Hulsey, III, D.D.S., M.S.
Founder of Holistic Dental Association 
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